Natural stone has the great quality of lasting over the years. Its unrivaled beauty and aesthetics have made it a highly demanded material in the construction of ventilated and facades with mortar. However, in ventilated facades is where the stone acquires greater durability, since humidity due to capillarity is avoided and drying after rain is favored. In our catalogue you will find different types of anchors and profile systems to install it in your most exclusive projects.


There are mainly two types of systems for laying stone on ventilated facades: Point Anchors and Profile Systems.

Punctual Systems

With this type of stone facades, the anchors are attached to the support element using a mechanical anchor or resin.

Profile Systems

In this case, the anchors are fixed on profiles which in turn are anchored to the resistant support.

Punctual Systems for ventilated stone facades

ISO 9001 quality certificate and DIT certification

Anclajes Grapamar has a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard, to guarantee the highest quality standards in the manufacture of our products. In addition, some of our systems have DIT certification, issued by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc). The DIT is the Document of Technical Approval of the non-traditional construction materials, systems and procedures used in the building. Among our different profile systems for ventilated stone facades we have the PF- 1025 system which is in possession of DIT 513R/14.

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