About us

Anclajes Grapamar is a company from Alicante (Spain) that has been operating for more than 25 years. It was created by a team of experts in cladding of natural stone with a great concern for improving the work they were already doing at that time.

At Grapamar we are manufacturers of anchors and profiling systems for the construction of facades.

We offer a wide range of solutions in stainless steel and aluminum anchors with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers, facilitating quick and easy installation without neglecting safety.

In addition, Grapamar has been part of the work team for the creation of the UNE 41957-1 standard, recommended for the installation of mechanical anchors for building facade cladding.


Technical advice

At Grapamar we provide technical advice on all projects that require it. We carry out the calculations of needs and details of the work, considering the pressure and suction actions of the wind, as well as possible seismic movements according to the geographical location of the project. All this is very important before choosing the appropriate anchors and profiling systems.


Design and manufacture of anchors and custom systems

We have an engineering department capable of developing special custom systems, aimed at projects that require solutions other than the most common. Together we will find the ideal anchor for the facade of your work.


Material supply and installation

We do not only supply material for the placement of facades, but we also work with collaborating companies and can make complete packages for the installation of any project. This way, our clients don’t need to worry and can optimize deadlines and costs.

Quality and functionality in all our products

Our anchors and profile systems stand out for their quality and functionality. Therefore, we can cover the needs of designers and builders when it comes to installing the facade you need.

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