The glued facade (or cladding with mortar) is one of the most used construction systems in building projects of all kinds. It is a cheaper construction technique than the ventilated facade but it offers a higher quality finish than a simple plastered brickwork.

Installation of glued facades

This type of exterior cladding is made by gluing porcelain or stone tiles directly onto the building envelope. For a correct execution, quality mortar-glue with a specific designation for facades must be used. This will be in charge of carrying out the functions of support and retention of the cladding. However, if we also want the cladding to last over time, safety anchors must be used.

Types of glued facades

The main types of cladding with mortar are those of natural stone and porcelain stoneware

Stone glued facade

Traditionally, natural stone has been a coating used to provide elegance and quality, currently being one of the most appreciated.

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Porcelain glued facade

The glued porcelain facades offer a modern result and stand out for their good behavior against chemical and atmospheric agents.

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