for facades

We design and manufacture all types of anchoring systems for construction facades. We have been working in this sector for more tan 25 years, which has made us a reference in anchors and profile systems at an international level for many clients, due to our long experience and professionalism.

Manufacture of anchors
and profile systems

Discover a wide catalog of anchors for facades and profile systems manufactured in Spain, both in standard sizes and made to measure. All our products are made of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel, and using EN AW 6063 T6 aluminum. We are committed to the highest quality materials, but always at a competitive price.

Anchors for ventilated facades

The main objective of ventilated facades is the thermal insulation of the building. This type of facade provides protection against condensation, as well as contributing to energy savings by maintaining an optimal temperatura inside. At Grapamar you will find a wide catalog of self-supporting profile systems and anchors for ventilated façades with all types of cladding: pin or pivot anchors, slots for hidden nails, or visible nails, etc. We also have systems with DIT certification.


    Anchors for cladding with mortar

    The use of natural stone or porcelain stoneware in facades is very widespread, due to its decorative function and great durability. It is a cheaper option than the ventilated facade, but it is essential to install safety anchors and not rely only on the adherence of the mortar. These anchors are attached to the support element by means of a plug and screw, mortar or resin. At Grapamar we are also specialists in the manufacture of anchors facades with mortar. Check out our extensive catalog!


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