Design and manufacture of anchors for ventilated facades

We have been specialists in the design and manufacture of anchoring systems for ventilated facades for more than 25 years. Our experience and professionalism have made us leaders in solutions for the placement of building facade cladding.

Solutions for ventilated facades

Ventilated facades are made up of a supporting wall, an air chamber – with or without insulation – and a cladding that is supported by an anchor system. Although ventilated facades can be somewhat more complex to install, they are highly demanded in the construction world due to their aesthetic possibilities and countless advantages over other types of facade:

Avoids condensation and humidity

Requires less maintenance

Great thermal and acoustic insulation

Increased energy savings

Types of ventilated facade systems

Different systems

There are basically two ways to anchor a ventilated facade: punctual systems and profile systems.

Punctual Systems

These anchors are fixed directly to the load bearing wall, using a mechanical or chemical anchor.

See Punctual Systems
Profile Systems

In this case, the anchors are fixed on profiles which in turn are anchored to the resistant support.

See Profile systems

At Grapamar you will find a wide range of anchors of all kinds, adapted to the needs of your project. All our products comply with the required European regulations. Do not hesítate to ask us for information! We will advise you on your project personally.

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