Porcelain glued facades are highly demanded. They are perfect for damp places, as they resist mold and inclement weather very well. In addition, it is a very easy to clean non-porous material that can also be manufactured in large formats as well as with very thin thickness. At Grapamar you will find an extensive catalogue of anchors for each type of porcelain tile.

Advantages of glued porcelain facades

Ceramic cladding increases the aesthetic value of the building, making it an excellent option for both new construction projects and renovations. The maintenance of a facade with these characteristics is almost nil, since porcelain behaves very well against chemical agents and atmospheric phenomena.

Anchors for porcelain stoneware made in Spain

We design and manufacture anchors for facades in our own factory located in Novelda (Alicante). To offer the highest quality to our customers, we have implemented a quality management system under the ISO 9001 standard.

All point anchors

Custom stainless steel anchors

We also design and manufacture custom anchors for customers who require a more specialized product with specific characteristics. Contact our Technical Department and we will advise you by choosing the most suitable anchors for the needs of your project.

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