The use of glued stone facades is increasingly widespread in the field of construction, to the detriment of more simple solutions such as the different types of plaster. They are facades that, apart from the great quality they offer, they are also very attractive aesthetically.

Stone glued facade installation

It is essential to take some technical aspects into account when installing a stone facade with mortar. Among them, the anchors to use according to the characteristics of the type of stone chosen. The anchor will not be the same if we are going to lay slate than if we lay limestone, or if the thickness is 2 or 3 cm, nor if we want the hidden anchor or we want it to be visible. At Anclajes Grapamar we have the right anchor for each case. We will advise you without any commitment.

Anchors for glued or mortared facade

We are manufacturers of stainless steel and aluminum anchors for fixing facades with mortar. All our anchors are made in Spain and offer the best quality at the most competitive price.

Supplies for glued natural stone facades

Do you also need other accessories to place the glued facade? We also supply the necessary screws or resin, in each case. If you also need a complete installation, cladding and anchoring package, we can offer it to you through our collaborators.

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