Ref. PF 1025 discontinuous (ETA)

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It is a profile system for laying natural stone in both visible and hidden systems. It is made of EN AW6063 T6 aluminum and has a European Technical Assessment document (ETA) issued by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences and therefore CE Marking.

It is made up of 120 mm long aluminum anchors anchored to the vertical profiles, and this in turn to the supporting wall through brackets. Each anchor is placed at the meeting point of four plates, operating in support with the two upper ones and in retention with the two lower ones. The minimum horizontal joint produced by the anchor is 6 mm, although it can be reduced by lowering the stone. The vertical joint is free, being the minimum recommended 3 mm.

In the case of the exposed system, the maximum stone thickness is 30 mm. This system is optimal for facades with the vertical joint of the plates aligned, allowing savings according to the continuous system in most cases.

Contact our Technical Department and we will advise you by choosing the most suitable profiling system for your needs.

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