Porcelain stoneware ventilated facades are one of the most popular options when choosing the exterior cladding. Not only because of the aesthetic component, since the beauty of porcelain or ceramics is undeniable, but it also has other characteristics in its favor.

Advantages of porcelain in ventilated facades

If we add the low porosity of porcelain to the capacity of the ventilated facade to prevent condensation, we obtain an ideal facade cladding for places with high humidity. Porcelain is a material that remains unchanged, maintaining its original appearance, as it stands out for its good behavior against chemical and atmospheric agents, tolerating frost very well.

Ceramic ventilated facades

At Grapamar we have been specialists in the manufacture and supply of profile systems and anchors for ceramic ventilated facades, for more than 25 years, whether for new construction or rehabilitation. We carry out a complete study calculating the needs of the project and all the details of the work for its correct execution.

Aluminum profiles

We have different profile systems for porcelain stoneware, one of them with DIT certification. The Technical Suitability Document is a recognized document that allows the system to be justified for any building project.

ISO 9001 quality certificate and DIT certification

Anclajes Grapamar has a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, to guarantee the highest quality standards in the manufacture of our products. In addition, some of our systems have DIT certification, issued by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc). The DIT is the Document of Technical Approval of the non-traditional construction materials, systems and procedures used in the building. Among our different profile systems for ventilated porcelain facades we have the PF- 1011 system which is in possession of DIT 548R/16.

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